Covering against all expat eventualities

It is often the case that protection gets overlooked when moving to another country. As a result, many families and individuals run the risk of not having adequate financial support in place if the worst were to happen.

At GWM, we provide a wide range of services and solutions designed to ensure our clients are protected against any unexpected bumps in the road on their expat journey.

Helping GWM to expand this area of the business is Chelsea Warren, a protection specialist with many years’ experience of guiding clients with their protection needs and shortfalls.

Commenting on the importance of wealth protection, Chelsea said:

“With a lack of readily available information on the matter, expats often only realise they have insufficient cover when it’s too late.

Having a team that focuses solely on our client’s protection needs allows GWM to offer specialist, in-depth advice on the solutions available and ensure the recommendations made are specifically tailored to each individual.”
Chelsea Warren GWM

Through their employer, most expats will have what is known as ‘death-in-service’ cover which is similar to life insurance. However, according to Chelsea, the benefits of such cover is often limited.

"Death in service benefits usually amount to between two and four times your annual salary. This might be enough to cover outstanding credit commitments but those with properties could be left short. Thanks to the flexibility of life insurance, you can arrange a policy which essentially tops up your death in service cover, ensuring financial security for your loved ones”

On other types of protection worth considering, Chelsea said:

"Emergency medical treatment for expats doesn’t come cheap. Critical illness cover can provide breathing space to a family in the form of a lump sum payment should a person contract a life changing illness.”

By taking the time to understanding the bigger picture, GWM’s advisers can fill in the gaps and ensure our clients are fully covered against every eventuality.


Chelsea Warren GWM

About Chelsea Warren:

After graduating from university with a first class honors degree in Economics and Business Finance, Chelsea joined one of London’s largest mortgage brokers quickly becoming the company’s youngest ever associate director. Earlier this year Chelsea chose to move to Dubai in search of new challenges and eager to assist the growing expat community in the UAE.

If you are unsure about what your existing policies do and don’t cover against you can contact Chelsea on
+971 4450 9794 or by email Chelsea.warren@gwm-intl.com

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