Is there anything you’ve forgotten?

Published on: 01/09/20 11:47:am

If you’ve worked in the UK previously, you probably will have paid into some form of pension at some point. However, when was the last time you checked how it was doing?

Recent research suggests around 25% of people under the age of 55 risk losing out on valuable retirement income as a result of failing to keep on top of their frozen pension pots.

Many of our clients have old, UK pensions which they intend to review but simply never get around to doing so.  Often information is lost, or the thought of spending 30 minutes listening to automated telephone switchboards is enough to end a search before it ever began.

Why should I review my pension?

Your circumstances will no doubt have changed since you opened your pension.

Yet often a few minor tweaks, can enable your fund and future contributions to grow more efficiently and in line with your ever-changing needs.

Did you know there is currently £37bn in unclaimed
pension funds in the UK

Knowing where these pensions are when you retire is obviously important. But actively reviewing them in the years up to that point, enables you to make positive changes that could significantly boost your retirement pot.

Why not take some time over the christmas break to contemplate the lifestyle you have abroad and how to ensure you are protected against all eventualities.

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