2017 Tax Allowance - Use It Or Lose It!

Published on: 10/14/16 10:38:am
Reduce your 2017 taxes with a third pillar

We’re sure you’re familiar with the three pillar pension system in Switzerland but are you making the most of it? Find out how to reduce your Swiss tax liabilities with our FREE eGuide download.

Now is the perfect time to review your personal financial situation. This tax break can not be carried forward or applied retrospectively, if you do not take steps before the middle of December they are lost forever.

Download our FREE e-guide NOW to discover how you can :

  • Reduce the income tax you pay
  • Use 3a and 3b flexible plans
  • Supplement your retirement income
  • Purchase a property

Also, if you live in the Canton of Geneva, did you know you can reduce your taxes further?

Don't miss out on thousands in potential tax deductions - Download your FREE 3 pillars guide to find out how.

The third pillar is entirely voluntary but is arguably the most valuable for a number of reasons, such as helping to reduce your income tax and save for a property purchase. It also the most complicated and as such we would always recommend you seek the help of a qualified financial adviser.

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Download your FREE 3 pillars e-guide NOW and find out how to reduce your tax liabilities


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