5 things only American Expats will appreciate today

As Americans the world over celebrate the day they gained independence from the United Kingdom, we have complied a list of things that only American expats could appreciate.

1. Having to explain that Independence Day has nothing to do with Will Smith

As great as it would be to have a day celebrating the all singing (rapping) and acting megastar that is Will Smith, the Independence Day celebrated by Americans on the 4th July has nothing to do with the Fresh Prince of Bel Air saving the world from aliens.

2. It’s also Filipino-American Friendship Day

Granted it's probably only those American expats that settled in the Philippines who celebrate Filipino-American Friendship Day, also known as Philippine Republic Day.

The government created the holiday to commemorate the official U.S. recognition of Philippine independence on July 4, 1946, after nearly 50 years as a U.S. territory.

3. The homesick feeling that hits you when scrolling through Facebook

Especially if you are sat in an office working while your friends and family from back home fill your timeline with updates about boat trips, beach parties and fireworks!

4. Daydreaming about hot dogs

Lets face it, whether you are in Bahrain or Bermuda, England or Ecuador, the hot dogs just don't cut the mustard!

5. July 4th will always hold a special place in your heart

No matter how far you travel, the thought of Independence Day will always evoke memories of barbecues, fireworks lighting up the sky and Baseball games in the park.

We would like to wish a happy Independence Day to all our American expat clients wherever you are today!

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