Financial planning in Saudi Arabia - What is the best advice?

Published on: 03/16/16 02:44:pm

Working overseas in Saudi Arabia was never an easy decision to make. Yet, the financial incentives offered can often outweigh the cultural and environmental surprises that can come with working in the Middle East. But are you making the most of your finances in Saudi Arabia? Is your money working as hard as you are?

First Step: Make wealth management less taxing.

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The tax system back home was complicated enough without adding a different country and its legislations to it. Yet, making more of your money starts with being able to keep more. There are several steps you can take to help reduce your tax liability in legal and legitimate ways. Additionally, further investments can be made in tax beneficiary jurisdictions to ensure that you are not paying for things you shouldn't have to.

Second step: Make more of your money by investing.

Your money is an asset. It has the potential to grow into something substantial given the right opportunity and time. Here are some options for you to consider.

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Bank accounts – Whether it is a UK-based or an international bank account; look for better deals on service levels, interest and expat-related matters such as fees on international transfers.

  • Portfolio bonds – While having a diverse portfolio is recommended, it becomes tiresome to manage them all. With the use of a tax–efficient wrapper, the portfolio bond keeps them all in one easy to manage place and also provides regular income or lump sums, when required.
  • Property – While investing in oversea property provides a regular stream of income and generates long-term capital growth, it is essential to completely understand the market you are looking to invest in.
  • Inheritance tax planning – This is a tricky affair since not all countries have the same rules and regulations. If your investment crosses borders, it is vital to plan your inheritance tax.
  • Pensions – Pensions are generally very specific to your needs and requirement. Based on your country of residence and your plans, make sure to get the best possible option and benefits.

Above all, it is important to invest safely and ensure that the products invested on are well managed and in line with the law and the legislation.

We do realise that you have some personal concerns and reasons for working in Saudi Arabia and other priorities to consider. But can you afford to miss out on a free informal chat to make sure you are getting the best out of your finance?

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