How financial planning in Dubai can turn your dreams into reality

Published on: 03/16/16 02:54:pm

How your investments can turn dreams to reality

Choosing a trustworthy, dependable, and proven wealth management firm is one of the most important decisions you will make throughout your life. After all, you’ve spent years envisioning what your ideal life will look like. You’ve worked hard and sacrificed to make those dreams become reality, and you’ll do whatever you can to ensure the financial security of you and your family for many years into the future.

That’s exactly the premise behind lifestyle planning, which tailors investment opportunities to your specific ambitions rather than just looking at the hot new products in the financial management realm. Our financial planning experts at GWM understand these principles intuitively, and will work with you to create long-term wealth management solutions that are trusted and high-performing, allowing you to dream even bigger and achieve even greater things.

GWM’s advisers recognise that you’ve undertaken some risk to become an expat, and they won’t let your ambition and drive go to waste. Speak with a wealth management consultant today to learn more about these incredible investment opportunities that are perfect for expats.

Traditional Bank Accounts

While traditional bank accounts generally don’t have as high a return on investment as many other types of securities, it’s still important to keep some portion of your assets liquid in order to give you some financial flexibility. Whether it’s a transaction account, savings, or money market account, you’ll want your consultant to find one that offers the highest yield available.

Stock Market Portfolios

When it comes to stock market investing, diversity is always paramount. Just a single volatile high-risk fund can sink your portfolio if you aren’t sufficiently diversified. As an expat, it is likely that you travel frequently, so you’ll want to have access to a dependable and secure online trading platform that will allow you to examine the performance of your assets from anywhere in the world.


Investing in bonds is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a more predictable source of income over the stock market. Most financial planners will recommend keeping a portion of your assets in bonds for optimum diversification, and they can elaborate on the many different types of bond investments that are available.

Real Estate

Depending upon the country in which you are looking to invest, property prices may potentially be enticingly low with a high ceiling for returns in the future. Whether you’re looking to rent out the property, use it for yourself and your family, or simply hold it as an investment, it’s important that you seek the advice of a trustworthy expert, as real estate laws and minutiae can vary wildly from country to country. By investing in funds which specialise in property trading and rentals, you can make property investment, yet with less risk over your money’s liquidity and removing the hassle of direct property management.

Retirement Planning

Pensions and other retirement accounts are vital opportunities for any savvy investor. By getting a clear sense of your goals for your family’s future, your wealth management consultant can personalize your retirement planning portfolio giving you the peace of mind of knowing that one day you’ll be able to relish your golden years.

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