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The world of football is one of the most hotly debated in terms of the money that exchanges hands for salaries and transfer fees. Indeed Paul Pogba has just been bought by Manchester United for an incredible £89 million!

Many a wager is placed at the beginning of the new season and whilst those that had money riding on Leicester City last year to win the premiership could have made a pound or two, it’s perhaps not the most reliable way of investing money.

So, as the whistle blows on a season that will hopefully be packed with drama and unexpected wins and losses make sure you are confident that none of this will apply to your financial investments.

Looking for a safer investment option? think SmartFund!

Available in multiple currencies and offering 80% ratchet protection, provided by Morgan Stanley, one of the worlds largest financial institutions.Ideal for the expat who understands the need to invest but is worried about risk.It's taken two years in the making so download the e-guide now to find out more.

With 80% Ratchet protection provided by Morgan Stanley it's the smarter option...

  • Increased protection from world markets
  • Available in Euro, US Dollar and Sterling
  • 80% of all profits locked in - forever
  • Perfect for retirement income or the more wary investor.
  • Enjoy smoother and less volatile returns
  • More opportunity for growth with much less risk

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