Is your investment portfolio under-performing?

Many international expats are worried that their pension or savings solution is not living up to expectations. Many are unhappy with both the products, service and high cost of their existing arrangements… Having been promised the earth they have received a map.


If you are unhappy with the service you are receiving or your pension isn’t performing as well as you expected, you must ACT NOW!!


Would you know if you were given bad advice?

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  • What happens if you return to the UK with a QROPS, are your investments UK compliant?
  • Do you understand the charges?
  • Do you hold a QROPS in Malta or Gibraltar?
  • What is the cost of the underlying investments?
  • Do you know what a PCLS is and how it is calculated?
  • Do you hold structured products?


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Often by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a product in more detail, you can ensure you are maximising your potential returns and reduce costs

How important is your pension to you?

It is often said that retirement can be either the longest holiday of your life, or the longest period of unemployment. Your pension will most likely play a big part in which path you follow. Failing to make the most of your investments now can have a massive effect on whether you achieve your retirement goals.


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