Stay ‘on-piste’ with your savings plan

Published on: 11/21/19 11:20:am Ski Header Switzerland

The arrival lounge at airports across Switzerland are noticeably busier now as the nation prepares for the start of this years ski season. In fact many of our team out in the Middle East will be ditching the fake snow in the malls of Dubai to head for the real slopes of St Moritz and Matterhorn!

Now a firm favourite on the holiday calendar, a ski break doesn't come cheap, and so perhaps now is a timely reminder to some to review your savings plans if you want to ensure you can continue to maintain the lifestyle you  desire as you approach retirement age and beyond

Of course as you get older, you may find your inclination to throw your body down a snow covered mountain at 60mph begins to fade but it will likely be replaced by the desire to take your family away, or to adopt a more leisurely pace as you spend Christmas cruising around the Caribbean.

As your spending habits change, it is vital that you take control now to ensure you can maintain the lifestyle you choose later in life.


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