A guide to the 58th Presidential Inauguration

Published on: 01/27/17 12:43:pm
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This week will see President-elect Donald Trump become the 45th President of the United States of America, and in keeping with a tradition lasting nearly a century, at noon on January 20th the 58th Presidential inauguration will take place in Washington DC.

So what happens on Inauguration Day? With a little bit of help from the Senate website, we have put together a brief guide to the most regularly followed traditions of the day.

Just as Roosevelt did in 1933, the President-elect will attend a morning worship service. The past four inaugurations have seen Presidents Obama and Bush attend St John's Episcopal Church, across the street from the White House. Once the service is over, the incoming and outgoing presidents will travel for a brief meeting at the White House ahead of the Vice President and Presidential swearing in ceremony. During the ceremony, the 35-word oath must be repeated exactly as it appears in the constitution.

The Inaugural address will follow in a tradition dating back to 1789 when George Washington delivered the first. Next up, the outgoing President Obama exits the White House to begin his post-presidential life while President Trump heads off to the Inaugural Luncheon for speeches and food. The Capitol's grand Statuary Hall will serve food from the Trump’s home state.

With lunch out of the way, Trump will take up his seat on the Presidential Reviewing Stand to observe an Inauguration parade of over 8,000 ceremonial soldiers, floats and marching bands before the final event of the day: The Inaugural Balls.

Many official and unofficial balls will be held throughout Washington in honour of the new President. Although specific details are yet to be confirmed, Trump is expected to attend several balls around inauguration day.

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