A Guide to Voting in the EU Referendum for Expats

On Thursday June 23rd the United Kingdom electorate will decide whether the UK should stay or remain in the European Union. It will be the first time since 1975 that such a vote has taken place.

Under the EU Referendum Act UK, any UK expatriates wishing to take part must previously have been registered in a UK constituency within the last 15 years. This Act is currently being disputed at the High Court in a rolled-up hearing scheduled to last for one and a half days. The result of which could see the June 23rd date being pushed back if an extra 2 million UK expats become eligible to vote.

Overseas voters can take part using one of three different methods;

By post, In person or by proxy (Appointing a person to vote on your behalf). Eligible expats who wish to vote are being encouraged to register atwww.gov.uk/register-to-vote by May 16th at the latest as postal votes will be posted to overseas addresses between May 23-27th

Make sure your vote counts and register before the 6th of May

Worried about how the EU Referendum outcome might affect your retirement plans?

With both the Remain and Leave campaigns now gathering momentum it seems more questions are being asked than are being answered!

One thing is for sure though, money markets don't react well to uncertainty meaning if your savings are heavily linked to the FTSE you could be in for a turbulent time.

A weak pound can harm your retirement fund. If you are receiving a UK pension income and transferring to a different currency you could find your money doesn't stretch as far.

Download your free Retirement Review e-guide now to find out how you can head for the Brexit.

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