Are Your UK Finances Still Legal?

Published on: 09/26/19 03:07:pm

Did you know that it's illegal to pay into a UK ISA as a Brit living and working in Switzerland?

if you have moved to Switzerland and neglected to tidy up the loose ends back home with your UK based pension or other tax friendly investments,  you could receive a nasty shock in the near future

Being home to some of the world's leading companies, Switzerland has long been a favourite with international workers. Unfortunately moving here presents a number of issues that must be addressed.

Fortunately, our team of experienced Financial Planners specialise in ensuring Brits in Switzerland are able to make full use of their international status, and they have compiled a concise e-guide that covers all these issues and more. 

Download your FREE UK National in Switzerland 2019 update e-guide and find out:

  • What happens to your money in the UK now
  • If you need to pay tax locally on your ISA
  • Why you can no longer claim UK tax breaks
  • What happens to your NI contributions
  • The alternative options now available as a Swiss resident
  • The importance of a globally compliant investment strategy
  • The implications of holding onto your UK property

Download your FREE e-guide that answers the most sought after questions expatriates have when living in Switzerland:

As well as ensuring you don't fall foul of the UK Taxman, this FREE e-guide also explains the Swiss Three Pillar system.  Whilst it's well known for its complexity, when used to its full potential it can play a significant role in securing your future. Download it now to learn:

  • What is a vested benefit account
  • What does 'encash' your pension mean
  • Which tax friendly Cantons can save you money
  • What happens to your pension when you leave Switzerland
  • How to ensure you use all three elements of the Swiss pension system to your advantage


Get the facts from the experts, download the e-guide all UK Nationals in Switzerland need to read NOW

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