Education - The greatest gift of all

Published on: 11/22/18 02:50:pm

There are no January sales for education fees and we appreciate your kids are not likely to get very excited that you’ve set up a savings plan for their education. But we guarantee they will thank you later in life.

With top Universities in the UK charging overseas students nearly £90,000 for a 4-year course, and with education fees for expats rising exponentially, it’s never been more important to put a bit away for their future.

Find out why you should be preparing now for the cost of schooling whilst living overseas

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  • How you can adapt your international savings to suit your circumstances.
  • Benefit by investing in tax-efficient jurisdictions.
  • The right solutions to make the most of your money whilst working offshore.
  • Forgotten costs of schooling
  • Points all expats should consider when setting up their child's education fund

You won’t find GWM Planners flying around the world this Christmas dropping gifts down your chimney, but we do work around the clock to bring the very best financial advice to you, wherever you are in the world.

Take action now and relax knowing that you have made the necessary provisions for your children's future.

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