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With just days to go until the big ‘vote’ we thought we’d remind you of a few key facts about the European Union.

  • It is an economic-political union of 28 member states located primarily in Europe.
  • It has an estimated population of over 508 million
  • The Monetary Union was established in 1999 – 19 member states use the Euro as their legal tender
  • It has 24 languages
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  • It was founded on 1st November 1993, in Maastricht, Netherlands
  • Up to now, no member state has ever left the Union. Will the UK be the first?
  • The EU is run by five main bodies: European Parliament, Council of the Union, European Commission, Court of Justice, and the Court of Auditors
  • Decisions and procedures stem from treaties ratified by the member states

So, whilst all these snippets of information might not influence your decision on 23rd June, at least you know a little more about the EU.

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