Expat Pension transfer values are at an all-time high


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  • What factors are causing transfer values to be the highest they may ever be
  • The benefits of flexible investing
  • Which jurisdictions are best for you
  • How to gain higher returns with lower risk
  • The importance of seeking professional advice
  • Why you have a limited time to act

One in six private sector final salary schemes are at risk of failing*

Protect your pension and secure a higher retirement income for you and your family

Transfer values soar

UK expats around the world are taking advantage of a combination of events that are seeing transfer values up to 40% higher than one year ago (as reported in Citywire) massively boosting their retirement funds.


Transferring away from your final salary scheme hands control back to you allowing you to choose which currencies and locations to invest in and when to start drawing an income from your pension.

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The Importance of obtaining professional advice

Such an important decision should never be taken without receiving sound advice that considers all options and eventualities.

* Report carried out by Pensions Institute


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