Financial planning for expats under 30

With an increasing number of expats under thirty moving to the UAE, Tyla Phillips of GWM reviews why people in their twenties should start looking at their finances now.

As the average life expectancy continues to rise, people are needing to build a larger pot for their retirement. With interest rates remaining at record low levels, it is vital that expats begin saving for the future sooner, rather than later.

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Its easier than you think

In your thirties, you only have around 25 years left to save for your perfect retirement. However, by understanding and harnessing the power of compound interest, it is possible to achieve significantly greater returns by starting to save earlier in life.
Guardian Wealth Management Reviews saving in your twenties

Our free guide will show you how to make the most of your expat status, and:

  • The best savings options for expats
  • Why saving sooner is always better
  • How to improve your tax efficiency
  • The best ways to turbo charge your savings
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Saving is a great habit to get into, and the sooner you start the better

On average, an expat stays in the UAE for seven years. Aside from the better quality of life a big factor in why we choose to work here is the higher salaries and the lower taxes. Don’t waste your paydays, Make your time here count. Fortunately, GWM reviews offshore savings for expats in this handy, free-to- download e-guide.

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