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Published on: 11/29/19 12:36:pm

As an international worker it's safe to say you’ve worked hard to earn your money.  But is your money working hard for you?

If it’s sitting in a standard bank account earning little or no interest, then the answer is most certainly not. But there is an alternative.

Bringing together the very best financial planning advice, award-winning technology and over 40 years’ experience in Discretionary Fund Management, GWM is able to provide international investors with a service once reserved for the uber-rich.

Find out how

During the bearish times of recent years, as others desperately tried to time the market, our fund managers have been working hard to provide thousands of our clients with above average returns.

An active approach to your invesmtents

Historically Discretionary Management was provided by stockbrokers, private banks or fund managers on a bespoke basis where every portfolio was slightly different and tailored to individual needs. This service required large initial lump sums and were often very expensive; reserved more the elite investor

Working with leading investment managers, GWM have created a number of model portfolios designed to reflect the varying attitudes to risk of investors, and this allows you to receive the same bespoke service for a fraction of the cost.

Download our free e-guide now to discover how working together we will allocate a portfolio that fits your profile.

  • Your portfolio will reflect the level of risk you wish to take, the length of your investment horizon and any income that you may wish to receive.

    Our investment team is able to provide portfolios that are suitable for a wide range of investors:

  • Mature investors looking to protect their wealth and fund retirement,

  • Younger investors looking for capital growth or investors wishing to make regular contributions.

    Whatever the investment objective, you can feel confident that we have the expertise to provide a portfolio that meets your needs and the skill to manage it on your behalf.

  • The choice and flexibly your expat status brings
  • The advantages of multi-currency investment
  • How to protect your wealth with a diverse portfolio

Why Diversity is Key

Your international status opens up a range of solutions that allow you to build a diverse portfolio of uncorrelated assets, and a range of currencies that enable you to negotiate today's volatile investing landscape.

Discretionary Fund Management

Download your FREE Guide and find out;

  • What is a model portfolio?
  • Why are managed costs reduced
  • Why is multi-currency a benefit to international workers
  • What are the advantages of discretionary management

Inside we will explain the three key principles.

  • What is a risk profile?
  • What is diversification and why is everyone talking about it?
  • What is meant by tactical asset allocation?

Also, the guide shows how partnering with GWM will give you financial security at your fingertips

GWM investor portal - online access to your fund update wherever you are in the world

Interactive online meetings to catch up with your financial adviser wherever you are in the world

GWM’s Managed Portfolios is a total financial solution allowing clients who would normally not meet the requirements to access Discretionary Fund Management, the opportunity to benefit from just that.

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