Flexible, portable, international friendly savings solutions for expats

Published on: 01/24/20 12:39:pm

As an international worker it's safe to say you’ve worked hard to earn your money.  But is your money working hard for you?

If it’s sitting in a standard bank account earning little or no interest, then the answer is most certainly not. But there is an alternative.

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  • The benefits of model portfolios
  • The importance of using multiple currencies
  • The advantages of discretionary management
  • How and why you must identify your risk profile,
  • Why diversification is so important
  • What is meant by tactical asset allocation
  • How you can keep track of your investments 24/7
Discretionary Fund Management

Whether you are a mature investor looking to protect your  wealth and fund retirement, or a ​​​​younger investor looking for capital growth, our free to download e-guide has all the answers you need to maximise your international status

5 Discretionary Fund Management
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