GWM Geneva Announce Cycling Challenge In Support Of UNICEF

Inspired by the efforts of this years Tour De France contestants, the GWM Geneva team are preparing to don the lycra and jump into the saddle to raise money in support of UNICEF's Living Schoolyards project in Malawi.

Whether it be contributing positively to the local community around our regional hubs, or fundraising for international causes in support of large organisations, GWM are always looking for ways to help those in need.


On choosing the UNICEF Living Schoolyards project,

Area Manager Peter Gollogly said :

“As a company known for assisting expats around the globe to protect and grow their savings to secure their perfect future, supporting UNICEF’s Living Schoolyards project in Malawi allows us to help children who have suffered at the hands of massive deforestation and climate change to improve the outlook of their future.”

On the subject of training, Peter said;

“We like to think we are a fit bunch but no one is underestimating the challenge that lies ahead. Everyone is hitting the gym at every possible opportunity!"

You may be asking; What is the significance of 612.3 miles? That is the distance between our London and Geneva offices and so we are aiming to raise 10 Swiss francs for every mile completed.

GWM Giving

In recent years GWM have undertaken a number of charitable adventures, ranging from cycling in India to 10k races in Dubai, and trekking the Rift Valley for a BBC documentary that took a class of troubled children from the UK to Tanzania”

GWM's Board of Directors said:


“As a leadership team, we strongly encourage any charitable endeavours no matter how big or small. Whilst this is not the first, its certainly one of the toughest. However they are a determined bunch, and we are confident they will complete this challenge and raise some much needed funds for UNICEF in the process!"

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