GWM seminar for Australian expats in Dubai a great success

Australian Expat abroad

Australian expatriates from across the UAE gathered in Dubai last week to learn how ATO rules allow them to save and invest globally.

Hosted by GWM Senior Financial Adviser, and Australian expat expert Roy Walker, the seminar explained how using their international status allows Australians around the world to benefit from paying no tax on gains or withdrawals from their investments, even after they go back home. 

Australian Expat Abroad
The seminar also covered how recent changes to the tax system affect non-resident Australians, and what products aid expats who are planning for the future.
Regardless of your current posting, if you intend to return home at some point, there are some very important things you need to do before you return or you risk potentially losing thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes upon your return. 

If you are an Australian expat who couldn't attend this insightful seminar, you can now download your E-Guide to Tax Free savings for Australians abroad.

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  • Why saving offshore is less taxing
  • What the changes to the tax system mean to non-resident Australians 
  • What products specifically aid Australian expats
  • What Foreign Accumulation Funds (FAF) are
  • What early settlement means
  • How to achieve greater returns on your investment as our case study shows.
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As international financial planning experts, we spend our time sourcing products that exist specifically to aid Australian expats who intend to repatriate at some time in the future.

There are many investment vehicles available to Australians. However, finding the right one can be tricky. One thing is for certain though, you are more likely to pay more tax if you don’t speak to a financial planner than if you do. In fact, if you speak to a GWM adviser now, you will not pay any tax that you don’t need to.

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