Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Seminar

GWM are delighted to confirm the line up for the hotly anticipated Healthy, Wealthy and Wise seminar taking place on June 7th at the Mövenpick Hotel & Casino Geneva.

Hosted in conjunction with WIN, the event will educate and inform women on growing their health and money awareness, and features workshops by Kristin Engvig, WIN Founder & CEO, Edward Bergersen, Majbritt Bridges and Mine Uran.

Healthy Wealthy and Wise

Opening & Connecting - Kristin Engvig, WIN Founder & CEO

How to make your money last as long as you do! -

Carla Smart, GWM, Senior Financial Planner

Wealth and health go hand in hand. A secure financial future will provide peace of mind for a long and healthy life. We will be discussing the financial challenges many of us face in today’s society as people are living longer and job security is becoming a thing of the past. You will learn how to take control of your own financial future so that you can prepare and reach your financial goals no matter what life throws at you.

Movement for a lifetime: The Real Fountain of Youth

Edward Bergersen, Physiotherapist/Personal Trainer

This workshop will introduce the basic tenets of exercise and how to develop a movement practice. We will direct our attention to understanding postural issues and reducing the incidents of muscle and joint pain that are so prevalent in our sedentary society. While exercising solely for aesthetic purposes is possible, the real fountain of youth is the maintaining of healthy muscle and joint function. Certainly, we want longevity, but quality of life is equally, if not more important.

Wellness is happiness

Majbritt Bridges & Mine Uran, Alver CFO & CEO

The molecular structure of the body’s cells is 65% water, 20% protein, 12% lipids (fats), and 3% other, so protein is a major part of us. All functions of human cells, organs and, indeed, the whole body are controlled by proteins. Of the 20 amino acids in our body's proteins, nine are essential to our diet. Because our cells cannot manufacture them, a regular intake of protein with these amino acids is vital for our immune system heart, bone, brain and eye health. Learn more about reducing meat consumption with natural plant proteins which will enhance your vitality and longevity.

The importance of having an understanding of your personal financial situation should never be underestimated. As professional business women ourselves, we have experienced first-hand the unique lifestyle and economic issues women in the 21st century face, meaning we are perfectly placed to help you.

About Carla

Carla is a Senior Financial Planner at GWM. Working in Geneva, Carla is passionate about empowering women to feel more confident and in control of their financial future, and with her first baby on the way, she is looking forward to teaching her own daughter about what it means to be a strong and successful woman.

About WIN

Women’s International Networking is an independent global women’s leadership organization. WIN models, develops, empowers and connects leaders in a feminine, authentic and global way. It is the reference for women working internationally and companies active in women’s leadership and diversity & inclusion.

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