UK expats will only return when hell freezes over

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Expats are forever telling us they don’t need to worry about what is happening back home as they will only return to the UK when hell freezes over.

…I’m not going back, it doesn't affect me…Not my problem….

While we are sure that the Beast From The East won’t see millions of expats rushing to book a flight home, the sub-zero temperatures the UK woke up to on the first day of March serves as a reminder that you never know what is around the corner.

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With recent changes to inheritance tax and capital gains tax, not forgetting the almost constant politicking of the UK pension system, it has almost become a full-time job keeping up to date. Fortunately for you, it IS our job! As international financial planning experts, we spend our time constantly reviewing rules and regulations both locally, and internationally to ensure you get to keep more of your hard-earned cash.

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  • How recent UK legislation changes affect you
  • What Brexit means for UK expats
  • Recent changes to personal tax allowances
  • What the raid on expat pensions means for you

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Over a third of British expats move back to the UK, with money worries cited as a common reason to return.

Of course we can't forecast what the future might hold. However, without understanding what these changes mean, you risk returning home worse off than when you first embarked upon your expat journey.

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Repatriation is snow laughing matter, download your FREE e-guide now to get the facts about returning home


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