Here's one New Year's resolution you can keep...

Published on: 01/03/17 10:58:am
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Make this year the year you call us and look after your tomorrow, today!

The most popular New Year’s Resolutions we make are to lose weight and save money followed closely by visiting new places and taking up a new hobby. 92% of these resolutions fail and a big factor in why they fail is that people set unrealistic targets. Trying to lose 3st by Easter is all well and good but when you only shed a few lbs by the end of January it can quickly become demoralising and that left over selection box starts screaming to be eaten!

We can’t help you lose weight but we can help beef up your retirement fund!

The same happens with saving money. You decide to save $500 a month, then the cost of your children’s education crops up and your savings are placed on hold. At GWM we work with thousands of UK Expats to establish a retirement plan that is sustainable and that considers life events such as your children going to university, or that cruise you always dreamed of for your 50th birthday.

GWM work with UK expats to plan and save for their perfect retirement.

Speak to one of our advisors today to see how we can help you achieve your retirement goals, Make it your resolution to call us in 2018 and you might just be able to set even more resolutions in your later years!
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Our advisors can’t monitor your performance in the gym but we can help you take on the financial challenges of the coming year!

Contact GWM for award winning lifestyle planning advice. Find out more about International Wealth Management HERE!

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