Introducing Nathan Tarr

Introducing Nathan Tarrr

The US business market is arguably the largest in the world so GWM’s expansion into the United States earlier this year signals a very exciting time for all involved.

GWM USA is headed up by Nathan Tarr, a pension specialist with over 16 years international financial services experience.

Having worked with a number of large international financial service companies in Cardiff, London, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Zurich, New York and Miami, Nathan has built a strong reputation for the highest levels of client service, together with expertise in financial planning.

Nathan is a member of the Personal Finance Society and the Chartered Institute of Insurance which allows him to use the accreditation ASCI.

When discussing why he chose to join the GWM Group, Nathan said:

“GWM’s International reputation is of the highest level amongst its clients and peers. With a strong focus on putting clients first, and providing ethical integrity to everything it does. I am delighted to have the opportunity to bring this into the US market.”

Having joined GWM in June of 2017 Nathan will focus on bringing GWM's high levels of customer service and financial expertise to the US market, helping expatriates and local residents with all their financial planning needs. Including the very niche area of dealing with UK pensions whilst resident in the US.

Away from the office, Nathan can often be found enjoying the weather in Miami, either whilst playing a round of golf or walking his dog Luna, a Silver Labrador who it seems can run for longer than Mo Farah!

Using his many years experience and knowledge in international financial planning, Nathan works alongside both UK nationals and international investors in the US to build an investment strategy that allows clients to achieve their long term objectives and retirement goals.

To find out more about GWM USA click here or
email: clientservices@gwm-usa-llc.com

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