Introducing Peter Gollogly

Part of GWM’s success over the years is the achievements of those who have worked their way up through the ranks. One such person, Peter Gollogly is a true example of the meritocracy within GWM.

Peter joined GWM as an intern during his third year at Strathclyde University, before returning after completing his BA Honours degree in Business.

Since then, Peter has progressed through the ranks from trainee financial planner in Frankfurt to his most recent posting as Area Manager of GWM Switzerland. Peter joined GWM after being introduced to the company through a family member who previously worked for the group.

“As an intern, I was given a comprehensive insight into the workings of a Wealth Management office ranging from Administration, Business Development, Para-planning and Portfolio Construction."
In his first full year as a Consultant, Peter was awarded the coveted 'Best Newcomer' award at the Annual GWM Awards and Gala dinner and since then has consistently been a top performer ever since.

This introduction has stood Peter well throughout his time with GWM, no more so than during 2017.

After a four year stint in he Middle East, he relocated to Central Europe where he was an integral part of the teams early success, before moving again to take up his present post as Area Manager in Geneva.

As a youngster Peter had aspirations like many youngsters growing up in the West of Scotland of pursuing a career in Football where he represented his School and City selects at various levels.

Recognising his academic strengths lay firmly in the field of business he decided to swap the football pitch for University.

In the future Peter looks forward to playing a key role in GWM’s expansion throughout Switzerland and Europe, as well as continuing to build on existing foundations in Geneva.

Geneva Lake

Having relocated from the Middle East, Peter has quickly acclimatised to Geneva and is often found enjoying the cold winter weekends on the slopes and the warm summer evenings by the Geneva Lac!

Having helped establish new regional offices in both the Middle East and across Europe, Peter has first-hand experience of the hurdles a modern day international worker must overcome. This means he is perfectly placed to understand the needs of the many expatriates in Switzerland and the surrounding areas.

Got a question for Peter?

If you are an international worker living in Geneva and have any financial concerns, get in touch with Peter now.

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Got a question for Peter?

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