Key Changes In UAE Corporate Legislation

Published on: 06/05/18 02:23:pm

The Facts

Key changes in legislation could mean that your business is exposed to perilous compliance risk. Failure to fully implement a solution will cost not only peace of mind, but valuable resources.

UAE companies are required to set aside (segregate) enough resources to cover all end of service gratuity payments and fully implement IFRS.

The Solution

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  • GWM's flexible employee gratuity plan
  • How a gratuity account work
  • What costs are involved
  • How you could pay 5x less by planning ahead
  • How to insulate your cash account and working capital
  • How to cover all gratuity costs into perptuity

The timing of employee departures and terminations can be unpredictable, yet the future value of End of Service Benefits is fully predictable since all of the variables are known.

Reducing future cash outflows to present value and creating a gratuity fund allows a company to potentially cover all gratuity expenses into perpetuity; thus, removing an unfunded liability from the balance sheet permanently.

GWM have developed a flexible employee gratuity plan which not only makes your business compliant with the law, but also insulates your cash account and working capital against unforeseen gratuity outflows.

Download the brochure find out about our Employee Gratuity solution.

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Download the brochure to find out about our Employee Gratuity solution.


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