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With the spread of the Coronavirus casting a dark cloud over the world, the knock-on effects of the global pandemic are continuing to impact markets. But, if you are able to look beyond the many 'get rich quick' schemes, the key to financial security although it might not sound exciting is to remove the emotion, invest regularly and get rich slowly!

Taking away the emotion of investing - Understanding Cost Averaging

In simple terms, the key point about cost averaging is to invest on a regular basis. In a fluctuating volatile market, cost averaging can allow you to benefit from buying more investment units when prices are lower.

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  • The importance of sound advice

Saving in a volatile market

The graph below shows the advantages of saving a regular fixed sum in a volatile market over the short to medium term. This comparison shows the value of two-unit holdings over a 10-year investment term.

At first glance, Situation ‘A’ appears to provide better fund performance over Situation ‘B’.

However, on closer inspection the benefits of unit price fluctuation become clear. Dowload the free guide to find out more.

Why should I adopt the cost averaging approach?

By investing a consistent amount at regular intervals, you can gradually ‘drip-feed’ into the market regardless of the price on any given day.

The table on the left also illustrates the growth experienced after a crisis historically and why it could be a valuable time to make your cash work for you.

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