My adviser went the extra mile and helped me claim a critical illness policy I didn’t know I had

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Over the past 20 + years, GWM have helped thousands of expats around the globe with a variety of financial planning solutions, and it's always nice to receive thanks and positive feedback from our clients.

One such client Sonia Hurst, a UK expat living and working in the Middle East recently wrote to us to thank her financial adviser Christy Jamison, for the guidance and support he provided during a stressful time.

"I first came to GWM six months ago to seek advice about my retirement and pension plans. Immediately my adviser Christy was friendly and helpful, and made a real effort to hear about my personal circumstances and financial needs. He was able to recommend a regular savings plan which suited my needs, at an amount affordable whilst sustainable each month to get me to my retirement goal.

Unfortunately, last year I was diagnosed with a critical illness, which has not just had a huge impact on my health but also my finances. Medical treatment within this region can be expensive and the insurance only cover so much.

I had mentioned to Christy that I had a UK-based mortgage with a built-in policy cover, however I didn’t think I was entitled to claim as I was still paying off the mortgage. I assumed I only had cover to protect my mortgage payment in the event of not being able to work.

This immediately caught his attention, as he advised I may be paying for a policy that would not cover me outside of the U.K. and he asked to see the details - in fact he insisted on several occasions. When I finally did forward them, he astounded me by saying not only did I have critical illness cover but that I could definitely claim!

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Christy took care of everything from this point, he asked me to come back into his office and actually called Aviva himself. I went through the security questions and authorised the claim handler to deal with Christy. This enabled me to pay off my mortgage back home and make a claim for my illness. I am ecstatic to say after a long process I have just told my cheque is in the post and not only that, I am in remission which is amazing. With the help of GWM I now plan to invest the pay-out to secure my income for the future.

I would definitely recommend GWM to anyone looking for help with their long-term financial planning. The whole experience was well-run from start to finish and as can be seen with my story, the advisers go above and beyond to get the best results possible. In fact, I have already referred several people!


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About Christy:

Having previously worked for a number of high street banks back in the UK prior to joining GWM in 2015, Christy provides holistic financial planning solutions to UK expats living and working in the Middle East.

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