Should you transfer your UK Private Pension?

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Find out if you should transfer your UK pension - Your Free Guide.

If you have a private pension scheme back in the UK, there can be significant benefits in reviewing the options available to you.

Find out how to help protect your UK pension and work toward securing the future you have worked so hard for.

We strongly advise you to gather as much information as possible about your pension's performance.

  • You could have already lost out on thousands of dollars from your retirement fund.
  • You could generate greater returns through improved investment management.
  • You could be missing out on savings through improved tax efficiency.

Our UK trained advisers have used their global experience to put together a comprehensive e-guide, to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes thousands of expats are making.

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Download your Free UK Pension Transfer eGuide and find out:

  • Why cash equivalent transfer values are so high.
  • How to gain control over how and when you access your pension.
  • Why you don't have to wait, start taking an income from 55 years of age.
  • How you can reduce the taxes you will pay.
  • The purpose of the Pension Protection Fund (PPF).
  • How you can pass on more of your wealth to your family. Most UK schemes only allow 50% to be passed to your family.
  • If you are better staying in your Private Pension scheme?
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