Surprise Hung Parliament - What does this mean for you?

Surprise Hung Parliament

If you think a hung parliament in the UK Election doesn’t affect you, think again!

As if last year’s Brexit vote wasn’t enough, when the UK's Prime Minister Theresa May called a snap election in April, yet more uncertainty and turbulence rippled through the investment markets.

As a UK expat it's easy to think the events back home don’t affect you. However If you ever intend on returning, have property in the UK or any savings back home then this definitely does affect you!

Don't panic- We've got it covered!

To help answer some of the burning 'post election' questions facing all expats we have put together a free e-guide that covers:

  • How investment markets and economies might react
  • What's next for Brexit?
  • How are your pensions and savings affected
  • Why you must act now to guard against more uncertainty
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Still reeling from the overnight raid on expat pensions introduced at this years budget, thousands of UK expats are left worried about what this hung parliament means for both the long and short term future.

Download our FREE e-guide to discover how to make the most of your expat status

  • The benefits of multi currency investing
  • Which jurisdictions are best for you
  • Which safe and secure locations suit your needs
  • The importance of obtaining sound advice
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Download your Free Guide now.

Get the facts from the international financial planning experts

Download your free e-guide NOW and rid your investments of political uncertainty


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