The value of a stay-at-home mum in the UAE is probably more than you think

The cost of mum might surprise you.

With life cover, often people focus on salary as the way to value the level of cover required for a household. Often overlooked though is the value of the unpaid domestic role of a mum.

We did some quick number crunching and estimate the 'salary' of a mum is around 185,100 AED, while for dad, it’s 142,700 AED
If the worst were to happen, have you considered how your partner would cope if you were unable to perform your daily duties?

When your partner is away travelling with work, who is going to drive your kids to school? Who will look after you while you are sick? who’s going to take care of them?

What can you put in place for just such an emergency?

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Having the right cover in the UAE is essential for peace of mind and ensuring that you can manage should the worst happen.

Our informative FREE e-guide explains how to protect your wealth and:

  • How your existing policy may not cover you in the UAE
  • The difference between Term and Whole of Life cover
  • Why your policy should cover your credit liabilities
  • The importance of having a policy with global coverage.
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Emergency medical treatment in the UAE doesn't come cheap, so it's essential that you consider adding critical illness cover to your policy

Of course whether you work full time or are a stay at home parent, the importance of your role within the family should not be underestimated. With a little careful planning now the security of your health and wealth, and that of your family can be ensured giving you complete peace of mind allowing you to concentrate on your new life.

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