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As the COVID-19 virus continues to infect markets around the world, we have seen a crash in stock markets that has dwarfed the Global Credit Crisis of 2008 and the Dotcom bubble at the turn of the century.


With such stock market volatility placing even more pressure on creaking pension pots, and national governments essentially mortgaging against future tax revenues to protect economies, it’s vital that you ensure you don’t have an over-reliance on either moving forward.

Do you really understand the impact COVID 19 could have on your future?

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  • How this affects your company reward schemes
  • How your government backed pension could be under threat
  • How living overseas affects you
  • How to make use of all the tax allowances that come with your expat status
  • How you can safeguard against financial losses relating to the COVID-19 outbreak both now and in the future

Research shows that taking regular advice from a professional financial adviser can result in a 53% increase in retirement income compared to those who sought no financial advice.

ROW Inset final salary UP pension transfer

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  • How much you need to save to secure your perfect future
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  • How to retire sooner
  • The true meaning of offshore investing

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When it comes to retirement planning and safeguarding future finances, every individual will be in their own unique situation. This is why it is paramount to have a financial professional review your retirement plans in order to steer you in the right direction and offer sound advice along the way.

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