Top tips all expat parents need to prepare for the next school year

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As the new school year approaches,  most parents will be talking to their children about the importance of planning ahead. Choosing a career, deciding what to study and how to build an idilyc future. However, a growing number of expat parents are failing to follow their own advice! 

On average it will cost $248,492 to educate your child up to university age at an international school. Yet many expats simply fail to plan ahead and put money aside to cover these fees.

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Your children’s international education could be the most important investment decision you ever make. The key is to plan early, in fact the sooner the better if you want to avoid having to fork out a large amount of money at a time in your life when you should probably be looking at winding down.

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  • How you can adapt your international savings to suit your circumstances.
  • Benefit by investing in tax-efficient jurisdictions.
  • Find the right solutions to make the most of your money whilst working offshore.

Educating your children overseas provides a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity that can't be replicated back home.

It goes without saying that the earlier you prepare, the easier it is to meet education costs. By taking action now, you can relax knowing that you have made the necessary provisions for your children's future.

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