UK State Pension Update

Published on: 09/19/18 01:21:pm

In recent times the State Pension has been a popular toy for politicians, with regular changes and reforms rolled out in recent years. Living and working overseas, it's only to be expected that you will lose track.

Whilst for many, the state pension represents a small element of their retirement plans, as the saying goes, 'if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves.'

Our team of UK Pension experts have compiled a comprehensive update on the UK State Pension that answers the burning questions all expats are asking.

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  • How to claim the maximum pension entitlement
  • A round up of all the recent legislation changes
  • Who qualifies for the UK State pension
  • When you can begin to draw an income
  • The effect exchange rates have on your income
  • How living overseas can affect your entitlement

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Did you know?

You may be eligible to make back payments towards your NI contributions.  Find out if you qualify by downloading your FREE e-guide now

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