Warning! Tomorrow is the last day for snail mail for expats in the UAE

The 2nd of December is an important day for UK expats in the UAE as Royal Mail recommends it's the last day for sending post back home to ensure it arrives in time for Christmas. So if you haven’t posted your Christmas cards yet, it’s going to cost you a little bit more!

The first ever Christmas card was designed and posted in 1843 and featured an image of a family including a young child drinking wine. In spite of the controversial design the idea caught on and 172 years later we are still sending cards to friends, family and people we met on holiday in Benidorm in the late 80s.

Or are we?

In reality less people are sending traditional greeting cards with more people communicating electronically using e-cards and video messages. In fact some children will never experience writing a letter to Santa Claus instead these days you can tweet him directly!

Tweeting Santa might actually be a good thing for those parents watching their budgets as the character limit significantly reduces the amount of presents a child can ask for!

Modern technology is changing the way we do many things including the way we manage our finances.

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