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Make sure you and your family are protected whilst living and working abroad.

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Expats living abroad will find it trickier to get life insurance than they would at home simply because fewer international companies offer these policies.

Knowing which life insurance policy, or how much cover you need to take can be confusing, throw in the fact you have set up home in a foreign country and it can turn into a minefield.

No one can predict the future but with guidance and advice from GWM, we can help to protect it.

Our FREE international health and wealth protection e-guide explains;

  • Why your existing insurance might not cover you while you’re working abroad
  • The difference between Term and Whole of Life cover
  • Why your policy should cover your credit liabilities
  • The importance of having a policy with global coverage
  • How much cover you need
  • Why if you move to an area with higher risk, your existing cover could be invalid?
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GWM will ensure that you have adequate protection for you and your family so that you can cope with whatever life has in store for you.

Together we can protect your health, wealth and life – your future. We pay attention to the detail; we pay attention to the policy; we pay attention to you. We select a policy that will deliver a level of cover that is a manageable financial commitment now but that delivers what you need when you need it most.

And, we can help you to understand what you need and what your options are.Then you can get on with living life to the full, knowing that we’ve got you covered – just in case.

Day-to-day life and that of your family is often planned around a regular income, but what would happen if that income was taken away whilst working abroad.

Your new place of residence may provide little or no health cover for you and your family and this is why it is critical to ensure comprehensive cover and access to medical facilities is in place.

Make sure you and your family are protected whilst living and working abroad.

Insurance can be a tricky subject to get to grips with but this is where tailor made financial advice from GWM comes in.

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