Why Brexit could be the best thing to happen to expats with a UK occupational pension

Published on: 09/08/16 01:33:pm

Without getting too technical, the recent events post 'Brexit-vote' have contributed to an increase in pension transfer values of up to 40 times the value of the preserved pension income, presenting expats like you with the chance to net an unexpected retirement windfall.

In an era where low interest rates and volatile markets have become the norm you will probably be excited to hear that NOW is possibly the best opportunity you will have to move your UK pension fund but you must ACT NOW before its too late

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  • Take a bigger tax free lump sum upon retirement
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  • Draw income through retirement to suit your needs
  • Avoid pension tax allowance charges
  • Improve your tax efficiency
  • Pass more on to your loved ones
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NOW is the time to move your UK pension fund offshore, Download your FREE Pension Transfer e-guide before its too late.

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After years of experts predicting when, not if rates would increase, the Bank of England Base Rate dropping to an all-time low of 0.25% marked a change in thinking. However, these conditions can't last forever

The value you are offered today will potentially be the most money you will ever squeeze out of your pension plan

Don't delay! Transfer your UK private pension NOW to ensure you get the best return from your investment

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Such an important decision should never be taken without receiving sound advice from a financial planning firm that can be held accountable under FCA rules should anything go wrong.

For your peace of mind, GWM uses UK Crown Dependencies or territories with similar protection and the same transparent regulations, offering higher levels of protection. All GWM advisers are UK qualified and regulated in the jurisdiction which they operate.

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