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The cost of saving money in Switzerland
Once associated with secret guarded vaults for the uber rich, many international workers in Switzerland are actually having to pay to place their…
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Learn How To Get Rich Slowly
If you are able to look beyond the many 'get rich quick' schemes, the key to financial security although it might not sound exciting is to remove the…
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How does the Bank of England base rate cut affect you?
As the Coronavirus continues to infect markets around the globe, the Bank of England took the unprecedented step of cutting the base rate to 0.1%. The…
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Choosing an International Financial Adviser
At GWM we understand that as an international worker you may find yourself in the more remote parts of the world, without regular access to either…
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Investing In A Volatile Market
With the spread of the Coronavirus casting a dark cloud over the world, the knock-on effects of the global pandemic are continuing to impact markets…
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Can you have your cake, and eat it?
Recent developments have seen an increase in the number of Final Salary Pension Schemes offering partial transfers. This essentially allows members to…

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Employing 43,000 people around the world, the compulsory liquidation of Carrillo has sent shock-waves through the business world.
Make 2018 the year you call us and look after your tomorrow, today! The most popular New Year’s Resolutions we make are to lose weight and save money…
Keeping a New Year's resolution can be incredibly hard, but breaking one can be so easy. Most UK Expats agree that two big factors are a lack of…
Over a third of British expats move back to the UK with money worries and home sickness cited as common reasons to return. The decisions you make…
The process of returning home for an expat is now harder than ever. It is essential to arm yourself with the facts now
It’s not long now until Santa pops on his sleigh! To help everyone get in the mood for Christmas we are giving one lucky expat the chance to win a…
The 2nd of December is an important day for UK expats in the UAE as Royal Mail recommends it's the last day for sending post back home to ensure it…
Guardian Wealth Management’s Middle East presence has gone from strength to strength in recent years, and as we continue to invest and integrate into…
We’re sure you’re familiar with the three pillar pension system in Switzerland but are you making the most of it?
If you want to give the gift of a great education to your children this Christmas, speak to Guardian Wealth Management, don’t leave it to the elves.
After the raid on offshore pensions that was unveiled in the spring, Guardian Wealth Management reviews the finer details of 2017's second UK Budget.

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On Wednesday, the CEOs of Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google endured a five-hour grilling during a Congressional antitrust hearing.
The headlines that really grabbed our attention this week were those related to the seemingly inexorable rise in the price of gold.
MMT has become even more important for investors to understand given the significant shift in polls towards Biden and a Democratic clean sweep in the…
Yesterday TikTok, the well-known app used by people of a younger generation to the authors of this piece, went down in some parts of the world.
Investors have seen a very strong start to the month from risk assets following a very strong quarter. However, the narrative has not changed during…
Things were very quiet in markets this week as both global equities and US bond yields were flat. Furthermore, equity markets have also been flat on…
During times of great uncertainty, the importance of high-quality financial planning advice often increases. And as a result, international wealth…

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