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How To Make A Million By Saving For Ten Years In The Middle East
A prominent factor in why people choose to move overseas is the higher salaries and lower taxes. Research shows the typical non-resident international…
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Top tips all expat parents need to prepare for the next school year
As the new school year approaches, most parents will be talking to their children about the importance of planning ahead.
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The cost of saving money in Switzerland
Once associated with secret guarded vaults for the uber rich, many international workers in Switzerland are actually having to pay to place their…
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Learn How To Get Rich Slowly
If you are able to look beyond the many 'get rich quick' schemes, the key to financial security although it might not sound exciting is to remove the…
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How does the Bank of England base rate cut affect you?
As the Coronavirus continues to infect markets around the globe, the Bank of England took the unprecedented step of cutting the base rate to 0.1%. The…
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Choosing an International Financial Adviser
At GWM we understand that as an international worker you may find yourself in the more remote parts of the world, without regular access to either…

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The Bank of England has raised interest rates from 0.50% to 0.75%, the second increase in less than a year and its highest level in a decade.
We look at five things you need to look at to get your house in order before leaving the UAE behind.
Contrary to the thoughts of many experts who believed that 2017 would prove to be the year UK pension transfers hit their peak, recent figures from…
The flags are hanging from windows, Three Lions can be heard playing all around the world and your usually unpatriotic friend has arrived at the…
Trust planning internationally is often underused, and the benefits of succession planning, asset protection and the use of loans from trusts to…
Many expats plan on returning home to retire after working overseas and international financial advice is crucial in providing for future family…
The stock market plunges around the world earlier this year may have looked frighting, but the underlying economic picture is still positive.
A recent report in the UK revealed women face a shocking 40% gender pension gap. Yet many women are failing to take the necessary steps with their…
Expats living abroad will find it trickier to get life insurance than they would at home simply because fewer international companies offer these…
How to take advantage of booming property markets. The Four Seasons Hotel, Geneva. Thursday 19th April 2018
Planning for retirement can be difficult. With so many “what” and “if” questions to be answered, how can you decide what you need to be doing now, and…

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At the start of September, commentators were warning that the easy money had been made and markets were going to get a little choppier.
Election jitters are rising in the US with less than 50 days to go before the Presidential election on 3rd November, as the gap between Trump and…
One of the most frequent questions multi-asset investors get asked is can bonds continue to offer the diversification benefits upon which traditional…
On March 13th 2020, in the eye of the storm of the COVID-induced sell-off, Goldman Sach’s Risk Appetite Indicator was signalling a buying opportunity.…
Last week, it was noted that while the conditions were in place for a strong economic recovery and that the easy gains had been made, the economy…
Apple is now the largest company in the world by market capitalisation with a value of over two trillion dollars.
The big political news this week was the choosing by Joe Biden of his running mate Kamala Harris, the junior senator from California.

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