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The MSCI All Country World Index, which measures the aggregate return of all major global stock markets, is already up over one percent on the week,…
There have never been four back to back global IP cycles between global recessions before, but it does feel like this is what is going to happen.
GWM, the UK-headquartered international advisory group with over $1 billion assets under management, today announced that Roy Walker will lead their…
Markets were pretty strong this week and it appears that they were anticipating the positive events of yesterday.
Markets were pretty soft this week and despite the bounce back today (Friday), equity markets look likely to end the week lower.
Markets were pretty strong this week and of course the market commentary in the press was full of the usual content surrounding trade and Brexit.
For many readers, this question will produce flashbacks to long car journeys and bored children but it may become a question investors start asking.
There is increasing evidence that the global industrial production cycle is turning more positive.
One of the potential positives discussed in last week’s update was the expectation that governments around the world might start to loosen fiscal…
Over the past week, there have been a number of doom and gloom stories produced by the financial press. However, everything is not as dour as it is…
Equities have been in a bit of a holding pattern over the past week or so and the reason why can be summed up as: “Deal in principle; delay in…

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