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Welcome to GWM Abu Dhabi

Living and working in Abu Dhabi, we understand the hurdles you must overcome as we have faced them too.

When choosing to embark on your expat adventure, financial planning tends not to be at the top of your list of priorities.

However, upon arriving in Abu Dhabi, sound international advice, independent choices and secure, confident decisions are required.

By taking a little time now, and using your imagination to step into the future, you can look back and understand what needs to happen for you to enjoy your perfect lifestyle.



Based in Abu Dhabi, our team of experienced consultants help expats from all around the world to construct a holistic financial plan, built around the lifestyle you desire.


T In a jurisdiction where more than a ‘one shoe fits all’ approach is required, the Abu Dhabi office houses some of GWM’s most experienced Advisers. Understanding the implications, benefits and pitfalls of cross-border advice, GWM Abu Dhabi are perfectly placed to advise international expatriates throughout the region.

This is where we need to understand the hard facts and start crunching the numbers. We need to ascertain what you have coming in, and what there is going out. We will create a cash flow model which will indicate whether or not you are on track to achieve your goals. In doing so will highlight any gaps you may have in your financial structure or conversely, if there are surplus funds for further investment.

If there is a gap, we will find a way to bridge it and keep you on target, where there is surplus we will look at bettering your goals. It may be that you can improve your situation by doing little more than rearranging a few savings, or it could be a complete restructure depending on your circumstances. Once everything is in place we enter the review phase, ensuring your plan remains appropriate to your needs and that any changes in your personal life haven’t affected your objectives.


Don’t take our word for it - What our clients have to say

"My adviser worked with me to provide sound financial advice relating to both my pension and savings strategy. He was very thorough and answered all queries honestly and professionally. There were no hard sell tactics at any point and he was very transparent with the information given. I would highly recommend GWM for any financial advice."

Andrew B

"Tom has been my financial advisor ever since I moved to UAE in 2013; I am very satisfied with his service and rely on him for sound and honest advice. Tom is very much customer focused, providing excellent service, always on top of my plans, which he can do with ease given his knowledge on the financial markets and organization skills. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tom as financial advisor to anyone in the UAE."

Pablo G 

"My Adviser is experienced, knowledgeable and open; offering clear straight forward advice. He is reassuringly available and follows up on questions and actions with pace. To top this off he is also a nice guy."

Mike E.

If you are working in the Abu Dhabi region and would like some jargon-free, independent help to get your finances in order then please get in touch and we’ll see if we can help.

Call +971 4450 9799 or get in touch via Email HERE

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