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You have worked hard to build a successful business so it’s only right you will want to protect it. GWM Corporate Solutions will help you put in place the most appropriate solutions to safeguard your company with minimal disruption.

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Protect your most valuable asset

Most businesses make provisions for the damage or theft of important equipment and machinery. However, the single most valuable asset, the people, are often overlooked.

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When things are going well, we know how difficult it can be to step back and contemplate the consequences of something happening to you or your business partner. By taking the time to help you protect against every possibility, GWM CS can ensure your business is prepared for every eventuality should the worst happen.

Recruit a suitable replacement

Most business partnerships form between two people with contrasting skills. Finding a suitable replacement won’t be an easy task. Recruiter fees could be excessive, and training someone to the required level would take even more time and money.

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Refinancing of business loans

Could you afford to repay your debts in full today? When a partner who was a personal guarantor on a loan passes away, the bank could ask to renegotiate the terms, or worst case scenario, demand full repayment of the outstanding debt.

Steadying the Ship

As a business owner, you are responsible for your employees and clients. Failing to prepare against the loss of a key person will place a huge question mark over their future.

GWM can provide financial protection in the event of the death or critical illness of an integral employee or director. This is done by providing a lump sum payment to cover a loss of income and provide some breathing space while a suitable replacement is found.

You build your business, let us protect it.

Find out how GWM Corporate Solutions can help you and your partners.



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