As the expectations of modern expats naturally continue to rise, the feedback we have received clearly shows many international IFA firms are failing to invest, adapt and improve...

GWM Global Partners is comprehensive, fair and unique in the international adviser marketplace, and by harnessing the latest cutting edge online technology, GWM Global Partners can successfully deliver the highest levels of financial advice directly to expats at their convenience.

Your global partner in building and maintaining wealth

As your partner in building wealth and security, and more importantly maintaining it, we focus on ways that we can help you to plan for the life you want to live. We don’t just rely on our own knowledge – we work in partnership with other experts and professionals to deliver to you the best advice and bespoke recommendations to suit your needs. We provide service to you from a team of advisers and administrators designed to be able to answer your queries efficiently and keep you on track to achieve your financial goals.

Our focus is you, working together... through rain or shine

We understand that your individual financial requirements are unique to you. Because we know that no two sets of situations are the same, rather than trying to make a ‘one size fits all’ service proposition, as others may do, we have designed our levels of service around your needs.

We deliver our services in two parts

Your initial consultation includes the in-depth factfinding process and scientific risk profiling on a one to one basis with a qualified adviser who will provide full advice and recommendation including a structure and strategy for your wealth building journey.

The second part is the ongoing service and dependent on where you are with your financial planning process we have three different Partnership Agreements for you to chose from.

We believe in clear and transparent charging structures that are relevant to the level of advice needed at outset and the ongoing service you require.

Working night and day on your behalf

Our Wealth Management service is available across three levels of support and service based on your requirements and financial criteria.

Serviced Partner

Ideal for clients who are right at the start of their wealth building journey and will take a few years of disciplined saving to accumulate a level of savings that needs actively managing. We have some effective and low maintenance solutions for you that will deliver the results you need cost effectively.

Wealth Builder Partner

Ideal for clients who have accumulated savings of between £100,000 and £249,999 who will be actively adding this and need ongoing advice, guidance and active management of the investments.

Executive Partner

With £250,000 or more under management, you have access to our most comprehensive service level. In addition to every service feature from previous partnership agreements you will be allocated a dedicated Adviser plus a priority response service from our Global Partner Associates.

GWM Global Partners and you:

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