GWM Property: Global Property Management Service

Investing in property can deliver monthly income, steady profits and an increasing capital base.

Partnered with 3 global multi-national property providers

Whom have hundreds of developments and opportunities available, which will provide and supply

our clients with a full range of options and continued diversification.


GWM Property provide international investors with an end to end service

encompassing sourcing, managing and beyond.


How it works.

Why GWM Property

Interlinking with existing GWM Group services, GWM Property provides an end-to-end property investment service right from sourcing and financing a property, ensuring all the relevant protection is in place, through to ensuring the very best return is achieved when a client chooses to realise their investment.

Global network

With access to a network of contacts allows us to source properties ahead of their release to the market and when the time comes facilitate a hassle-free sale generating the maximum possible return on your investment.

Everything in between

With access to a network of contacts allows us to source properties ahead of their release to the sourcing and managing tenants, remortgaging to get the best deal and ensuring all the necessary insurances are in place to protect your investment, are all taken care of by GWM Property.

Why property investing?

Since the Global Financial Crisis hit in 2007, investment markets have remained turbulent to say the least. During this time, property markets in places such as London have consistently remained profitable. An unrelenting demand for property and low interest rates are resulting in higher rental yield opportunities and as such presenting a great opportunity for investors to maximise their returns.

A hassle free opportunity.

Thanks to the projected capital growth and favourable exchange rates, property presents a prime opportunity for overseas investors. Our 360 service proposition takes the stress out of property investment keeping the whole process straightforward and hassle-free.



Whilst the demand for property remains high, global interest rates, although increasing slightly,
continue to remain low.

GWM Property allows expats around the world to diversify their holdings beyond
traditional equities and markets.



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