GWM FX: A smarter way to exchange currencies.


We work with a huge variety of clients, allowing them to trade major world currencies and make international payments in a fast, efficient and competitive way.



How it works.

Why GWM FX ?

Peace of mind.

GWM FX services are provided in partnership with CGEN, a FCA regulated Authorised Payment Institution, meaning your funds are ring-fenced to ensure maximum security and protection when transferring money.

Online trading.

As part of our continuing efforts to ensure CGEN GWM FX clients receive market leading service and solutions, we are proud to launch our brand new online platform, making international payments even easier.

Currency news.

Trending news stories that are relevant to public concern & popular topics that spark debate and interpersonal communication.




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A smarter GWM FX future.

We refer to a currency transfer as a currency “contract”. A contract is simply an agreement to buy or sell currency.

Regular payments contract

Arrange a standing order and transfer a fixed amount each month with minimum hassle and expense.

Forward contract

Take advantage of favourable exchange rates up to 2 years before you need to send your currency. Ideal if you are in the process of purchasing an overseas property.

Spot contract

Ideal if you have all of your funds available and want to make a fast transfer, you can buy or sell currency for immediate delivery benefitting from excellent exchange rates.

Personal or business

Whether you are a private international investor or represent a business involved in international trade, GWMFX provides a wide range of services that can help you save money on foreign exchange and international payments.

The benefits of the GWM FX Platform.


24/5 service

Transfer money when you want with around the clock online access.

global coverage

Global coverage

With access to most major currencies, you can quickly exchange your money into the currency you need.


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Trade online through our website or pick up the phone and speak directly to your adviser.

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Sending money home?

You worked hard for your money, make sure your family aren’t short changed when transferring money back to the UK.


GWM FX provides expats with genuine expert guidance and a real alternative to using international banks; some of whom are charging fees of up to 5% on each offshore transaction.

Bringing together cutting edge technology, real-time data and professional advice on each transaction, GWM FX provides an invaluable solution to the modern expatriate worker whilst helping to ensure their money goes that bit further.



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CGEN who act on behalf of GWM FX is authorised by UK FCA. All Client funds are ringfenced to ensure maximum security so you can be sure that your money is safe. Click here to view our terms and conditions

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