Offshore Investments while you are overseas

Guardian Wealth Management Reviews offshore investing
GWM Reviews offshore investing

Boost your financial well-being with offshore investments.

There are many financial benefits to being an expat and a whole host of offshore wealth management solutions that can help secure your financial well-being.

Making money is often one of the main reasons for choosing an expat career, making sure you keep it is our top priority.

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“I first had financial advice in 1994 at a pre-retirement course and have been delighted with the continuing service ever since."


Since September 2012, I have been assigned a new financial advisor at GWM. I have always found him to be very friendly, service-minded, and very importantly, providing quick responses to my questions.

Thomas Karlsson


Tax Efficiency

As an expat you may benefit from Double Taxation Agreements (DTA's) to reduce or eradicate any liabilities.

Choice & Flexibility

International finance means just that.  You now have  the world at your feet in terms of investment choice and currency and are not limited by structured policies in your home country.


As an expat it's quite likely that you will move throughout your career. International investments can move with you and be restructured to take advantage of regional regulation.
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One of the main attractions of investing overseas is the tax advantages that are often available. Your investment returns may be completely taxfree, or if they are liable for tax, chances are it will be at a far lower rate than you would pay at home.

A significant benefit of investing offshore is that there is far greater choice. There are significant numbers of products that are difficult to access in many expats’ home countries and consequently it’s important to have professional advice to guide you in this process. Your GWM representative is an international financial adviser and we are regulated in every jurisdiction we operate in. To provide you with the right solution our experts seek to understand your goals, assess your attitude to risk, consider the relevant jurisdictions’ regulations and talk to you about your timeframe for investing. We do the work to make sure you achieve your desired outcome from your offshore investment.

GWM understands that the security of your investment is paramount and to this end it is vitally important to invest in well-regulated and politically stable jurisdictions. For this reason, we believe that typically it is best to place your money in UK crown dependencies such as The Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man. Our experience as a UK head-quartered company means we are familiar with their rules and regulations, and they offer the best protection, up to 90% of your investment, uncapped. In some cases, when it is not possible to use these areas we may use other European jurisdictions in which we have performed a rigorous due-diligence. Protecting your wealth is our responsibility and it is of paramount importance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it against the law to manage my money in order to reduce my tax bill?

No. You are entitled to plan with your money to position you best for taxation, this is not tax evasion. Using overseas investment products in order to reduce your tax liability is completely legal. The savings that smart wealth management strategies can deliver can add up to tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds, dollars or euros over your lifetime.

If I invest overseas, will my money be safe?

By adhering to the following guidelines, you'll have a much better chance of ensuring that your money is safe:

  • Don't invest in jurisdictions that are politically unstable
  • If you don't want to risk big losses, invest in lower risk options
  • Always transfer the money you're investing directly to the product provider, rather than through an advisor                                              
  • Choose a jurisdiction for your investment that is regulated by the relevant financial regulatory body - do your research

There are so many financial advisors around; how do I choose the right one?

When it comes to a good wealth management company, size really can  matter. Look at how many clients they've worked with, any testimonials that they can provide from customers past and present, and the number of transactions that they have carried out for their clients. Always make sure that your advisor is properly regulated – for example the FCA in the UK or the FSMA in Belgium, or any other relevant bodies in the jurisdiction from which they operate.

Where are the best overseas investment jurisdictions?

There's no definitive answer to this one; finding the right jurisdiction depends on your personal objectives. Some locations offer better tax benefits, while others will give you greater flexibility or a higher rate of investor protection. Our financial advisors at GWM can show you the different options available and explain the specific benefits related to each jurisdiction.

Talk to us

Investing overseas can be a complex and any investment should be supported by qualified advice, independent risk profiling and investment management.  To see if you could benefit from saving overseas contact our 

Regional Office or call our Global Helpline on +41 22 710 7864

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