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Women like us

Make the most of your expat adventure

Women Like Us brings together professional female international workers to socialise, share ideas and build friendships in relaxed, elegant surroundings.

Recently relocated?

One of the hardest parts in the initial stages of expat life is the lack of a friends and family support network and building friendships can be hard work.

WLU provides the perfect opportunity for female expat professionals to quickly establish a social circle with like minded people while simultaneously reducing the amount of time taken to settle down in their newly adopted home.

Expand your business

In business, sometimes it’s not what you know but rather who you know, unfortunately as with family and friends, when relocating to another country you can often find business contacts a little thin on the ground. Networking with WLU is a great way to discover opportunities and build reciprocal working relationships.

Advice for women, by women

We understand the importance of women being confident and in control of their finances but we also appreciate the issues faced by women, such as the quandary over whether to save for their future or their kids’ education and the struggle to strike a perfect work/home balance while advancing their careers.

We understand because we have faced these exact issues too and that’s why we are here to help women like you take control of your personal and the family purse strings.

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