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Financial advice for women by women

By building working and social relationships with other professional women in Switzerland, we have created a network to share ideas, services and benefits with each other. We hold regular events around the country with guest speakers and motivational speakers from a variety of industries to ensure each occasion is different from the last.

Cross border life

Around 17% of Geneva’s workforce is made up of cross border workers, also known as Frontaliers. Taking advantage of higher wages in Switzerland while enjoying a lower cost of living in France, this arrangement brings its own complications to an already intricate Swiss tax system.

Many of the GWM team live the Frontalier life, meaning we are perfectly placed to provide advice on such matters to ensure you truly make the most of your expatriate status.

The Three Pillars

All expats working in Switzerland are required to pay into the Three Pillar System. This aims to ensure an accustomed standard of living is protected into old age or in the event of illness or death.

To those new to the region, it can be quite daunting, however our financial planners will break down each pillar for you, to ensure you not only understand the ins and outs of the system, but that you are also making the most of your wealth both now and in the future.


Dying without a will in place can mean different things for different people. While Inheritance Tax is quite low, having a will in place ensures that if the worst was to happen, your wealth can be passed on to your loved ones quickly at a time when they need it most. GWM have partnerships with lawyers who specialise in will writing and estate planning.


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